Tiny Mobile Libraries Revitalize a Corner of Seoul

There are few things that make you slow down better than a good book. Perhaps that’s why the Seoul Innovation Park and the City of Seoul chose them as one key part of an initiative to revitalize an unloved site previously occupied by the ministry of food and drug safety. The Mobile Library project sees four miniature library pop-ups designed by Korean studio Spacetong(Archworkshop) with collaboration from designers Jae-Choul Choi, John (Pyung Ki) Kim, and Woo-Yeol Lee.

The four small spaces are called ‘Mirage’, ‘Block’, ‘Pipe’ and ‘Membrane’. It’s not hard to guess which is which, with each structure embodying its defining feature. Each lends a much needed touch of culture to a rather dull corner of the city, transforming it into a space you’d now consider for a relaxing break. Lovely.

‘Membrane Pavilion’ in the evening.

‘Membrane’ pavilion in the evening.

'Membrane Pavilion' interior.

…and its bright interior by day.

'Mirage Pavilion'

‘Mirage’ pavilion

'Mirage Pavilion' reflection.

Reflecting nature.

'Mirage Pavilion' interior.

…and surrounding it.

'Pipe' pavilion.

‘Pipe’ pavilion.

Doors closed.

Doors closed.

...and open.

…and open.

'Block' pavilion doorway.

‘Block’ pavilion doorway.

...and front window.

…and front window.

(via DesignBoom)

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