Watch These Fabrics Dance Like Bizarre Alien Creatures

If you want to feel high—legally—you’ll enjoy the work of Berlin-based design studio ZEITGUISED. The group is a mishmash of artists, designers, and technologists who specialize in synthetic art and design, creating trippy projects that are something between a psychedelic trip and a fever dream.

In their latest video,, they explore fabric in a way you have never seen before. Described as “an exploration of handcrafted algorithmic textiles and surfaces,” the footage features different fabrics moving and dancing in some sort of bizarre yet elegant choreography.

Through physical manipulation and digital animation, the fabrics transform into alien-like creatures, coming to life as they expand, contract, stretch, twirl, and ooze across the screen. A billowing sheet becomes a breathing organism; a swath appears to sprout new growths. The movement is completely entrancing, yet it is the manipulation of the fabrics’ color, texture, and pattern that is most impressive. You forget you’re looking at the same abstract pieces. A satin piece becomes velvet; a pattern bleeds off the fabric, giving each piece multiple personalities. It’s a total visual smorgasbord. (And if watching it blows your mind, imaging what making it must have required.)


See the video below and head over to their Instagram for more behind-the-scenes footage. (It’s pure visual candy, too.)

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