This Translucent Cube Conceals 6 Anamorphic Paintings

Look at any of this acrylic cube’s 6 faces and a new image appears. Called Emergence Lab, it’s the latest work from artist Thomas Medicus (featured previously).

To create the anamorphic sculpture, he laser-cut 216 acrylic strips which align exactly when viewed from the correct angle. Since the cube is translucent, each image must occupy the same shape as its counterpart on the opposite side. When the cube is flipped 180 degrees, that image completely blocks the opposite.

Obviously, every bit of this meticulous work was planned in advance.

Medicus employed an unusual but ingenious method for eliminating irritating reflections within the many cut strips within the sculpture. He filled it with a silicone oil that has the same refractive index as acrylic. Have a look at the internal structure, it’s far different than it appears.

Find out more about Thomas Medicus on his personal site, or keep up to date with his many illusory works on Instagram.







(via Colossal)

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