Gear Guide: The Coolest Wrapping Papers Around

Gift-giving is a skill; gift-wrapping is an art. When it comes to wrapping paper, we’re geeking out a little over here. Ideally we’d love some artisan-marbled paper to wrap our gifts, but most of us have to set our sights a little lower. Still, you don’t have to settle for whatever’s left over at your drugstore. These well-designed wrapping papers are so clever and unique they might actually outshine your gift.

Personalized Photo Wrapping Paper (, $21.99)

This is the most custom wrapping paper you can get. Create your own custom photo collages, then get them printed in either in a 6-foot roll or 18-foot roll.


Plantable Wrapping Paper (Blooming Plantables, $15.99) 


There’s nothing more of a bummer than the pile of paper left over after everyone has torn through their gifts. You can feel a little less guilty with this awesome stuff: just plant the paper and watch it grow.

Chalkboard Paper (Talking Tables, $6.33)


The chalkboard craze has taken over just about everything, and now it’s in wrapping paper form, too. A good option for a little DIY creativity on a budget.

Color-Your-Own Floral Wrapping Paper (Jenean Morrison, $25)


Adult coloring books are a favorite new trend, for good reason. If you want to add a little more art to your paper, this is a great option.


Wordless Wrap (Fabio Milito, €15) 


This wrapping part is equal parts entertaining, interesting, and plain old sweet. It also works well for any occasion.

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper (Gift Couture, $20)


There isn’t much to say about this other than it is about as genius as you can get. Stack this burger under the tree and watch your family freak out.

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