This Desk for Napping Just Made George Costanza’s Dream Come True

Remember on Seinfeld when George Costanza had his desk modified so he could take naps at work? That dream just came true with this minimalist desk that converts to a bed. While it might not have all the privacy George was after, for a quick mid-day refresh in today’s flexible work environment, this could be the ticket.

Studio NL’s design looks like a regular desk, complete with a large top for your computer and office supplies. But slide the top back and fold down the sides and it transforms into a generously sized bed. Especially clever is the white leather mattress, which doubles as decorative padding when the desk is in work mode.

No word yet on when, or if this desk will become available. Unfortunately for George, this is just a prototype.

Nap Desk 2

Nap Desk 3

Nap Desk 4

Nap Desk 1

Here’s George, living the dream:

(via my modern met)

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