Here Are 5 Charts that Show How We Feel About Fall

Fall is quite possibly the best season. TV is back. The drug stores are filled with candy. The stressful holidays and winter temps are still a ways away (unless you live in sweltering SoCal where Visual News HQ is located). Of course, as great as Fall is, it’s a little annoying that everyone seems to talk about it. Since we like to express ourselves through data visualization around here, we thought we’d put some of our Fall-related observations into chart form. We’re sure you can relate.


If you’re a fan of the ‘bucks, check out this artist’s interpretations of Starbucks cup art.


If you’re just into pumpkins—hold the latté—check out the world’s largest pumpkin carving.


Although this gym’s LED floor might change your mind about staying in. VNFall33

This baby’s costume game pretty much beats every one you know.

VNFall55Of course, chocolate haters might be more into the world’s largest candy carpet installation.

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