London Underground Releases a Geographically Accurate Tube Map

You’re familiar with the London Tube Map. First envisioned by designer Harry Beck in 1931, it simplifies the complex Underground system into straight lines with 45 and 90-degree curving corners to give riders a clear understanding of how to navigate the many lines of the system. Contrast that famously usable map with a recently published geographically accurate map used internally by the subway system. It will make you thankful for Beck’s groundbreaking vision of mapping.

Unlike the simplified tube map, this version shows now-relevant above ground details like major roads, parks and the actual flow of the river Thames, overlaid with a multi-color spaghetti mess of underground lines. Where this map does come in handy (although not that much with Google Maps close at hand) is seeing the actual location of tube stations in the city.

See the geographically accurate tube map PDF here, and a PDF for the standard tube Map (shown below) here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 9.51.06 am

(via boingboing)

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