Rapper Makes the Most Epic Music Video, Using No Money and Tons of Hustle

Lil Dicky is going all in, but not with his wallet. The self-described ‘non-traditional rapper’ infuses his work with mix of comedy, dope lyrics and in his latest video, a ton of hustle.

On a quest to film the “most epic rap video ever, with no money,” he went around LA asking to film in luxurious locations for 15 minutes… for free.

$ave Dat Money 2

Lil Dicky and his crew get into incredible LA mansions, cruise around in a Lamborghini, get on a boat, and even film on the set of a T-Pain video shoot. Here’s all the proof you need that hustle gets anything DONE.

Note: his video “$ave Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan” is a bit NSWF.

Did you catch the choice cameos from Sarah Silverman, Tom Petty, Mark Cuban and more? This video is going to the top.

Lil Dicky gave a shout out to his fans on YouTube, adding his normal taste of self-depreciating humor. What’ll he do when his track comes on the radio? “I’m tryna be in my 02 avalon (that my grandfather willed to me, no bullshit) and swag hard when I hear it on.”

Help him “$ave Dat Money” by grabbing the track on iTunes or seeing him in person at his upcoming October shows.

$ave Dat Money 3

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