This CGI Sculpted Alphabet is Great (and Gross)

There’s minimalist typography, and then there’s this. When the creative folks at design studio Foreal got their hands on the latest release of Cinema 4D along with new sculpting tools, they went alphabet wild. Their one simple rule: choose a letter and sculpt it.

The 26 cgi letters they dreamed up are everything from extremely whimsical to all kinds of gross (I’m looking at you skin covered ‘K’). No, these hyper-realistic renderings won’t find their way into the next round of branding redesigns, but as one-off creative pieces they truly turn heads. Each example gives us a novel way to re-assess conventional typography, both in form and material.

See the rest of the set at

The Sculpted Alphabet 2

The Sculpted Alphabet 3

The Sculpted Alphabet 5

The Sculpted Alphabet 6

The Sculpted Alphabet 7

The Sculpted Alphabet 8

The Sculpted Alphabet 9

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