#TBT: A ’50s Band-Aid Commercial That’s Weird and Brilliant

We love a good #TBT, especially when it’s kinda funny, kinda weird, and kinda brilliant. And that’s exactly how we’d describe this vintage Band-Aid ad. The product has been around for almost a century, and we’ve seen just about every iteration of marketing for it: now with Neosporin! now in neon! But back in the day, the selling points were a little less sexy. In this particular commercial, they’re going for a simple feature: look how well it sticks! 

The brilliance here is in the demo. You’d think they’d use a human finger to prove the long-wearability. Nope, instead they opt for an enticing demonstration that starts with the words, “take a dry egg at room temperature…” and shows how bandages carefully dragged across don’t stick—except Band-Aid, of course. Oh, and if you didn’t get that the first time, don’t worry: They do it again in slo-mo.

Admittedly, this quirky demonstration is bizarre, but it’s also a pretty creative way to show—not just tell—the audience about the new “super stick” adhesive. If nothing else, it’s memorable.

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