TBT: Beautiful Victorian Data Visualizations

We love it when we come across great visual content from back in the day—it’s inspiring to see creativity evolve over centuries. While it may seem like infographics and data visualization are new trends triggered by the advent of technology, information design has been around for millennia. Take a look these great Victorian-era visualizations, compiled by BibliOdyssey, created between 1830 and 1890. 

From their creative presentations to their use of color, the tremendous effort and detail put into these pieces make them true works of art—especially in a pre-Adobe Illustrator world.

Here we have mountain heights plotted. Note the detail, color, and method for comparison. (According to BibliOdyssey, it’s showing comparative world mountain heights plotted hemispherically against distance from the equator.):



A cross-section of the Earth’s crust:


And, lastly, a look at the time in the world’s major cities (extra points for layout here):


Love these? Let us know if you’ve seen any vintage inspiration lately.

Via BibiOdyssey

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