Visualizing the Movements of Chess Pieces Using Millions of Games

Every chess piece has a signature footprint after millions of moves. Using the 2.2 million chess games stored at Million Base, Steve Tung has visualized the movements of individual chess pieces across the board. Each of his images reveal that unique footprint and some of the most popular strategies used during a normal game.

Above, the well-traveled White Queen moves all over the chessboard.

Each line connecting one square to another represents 500 moves. Obviously, every piece has a unique starting point and can only move as dictated by the game’s rules. These two factors quickly result in patterns as distinct as the piece itself.

Here, the White Pawn hops across the board, occasionally attacking opponents to its right:

White Pawn - Imgur

The Black Rook reveals its gridded movements:

Black Rook - Imgur

The Black Bishop has one pattern:

Black Bishop - Imgur

The White Bishop mirrors that pattern on the opposite side:

White Bishop - Imgur

The limited moves of the White King, and frequent ‘Castling‘:

White King - Imgur

(via Flowingdata)

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