Metal Subway Map Cuffs Are Perfect for the Stylish Traveler

Nothing says tourist like holding a giant map while you try to find your way around a new city. But Designhype wants you to look stylish and confident while you’re exploring the world. They have created a brilliant metal cuff that combines fashion with function. Featuring subway maps of major metro cities, it’s a collection that every traveler can appreciate.

Designhype (Michelle, Tiffany, & Tracey) explains their mission behind Metro Cuff: “We want every woman to be more at ease when traveling and wandering. Our Metro Cuff Series was inspired by Tiffany’s friend Beth. Beth moved to New York and after a year she still felt like tourist because she was still getting around by using a large fold out map. We wanted to make the city easier for her to explore. If we could make navigating more discreet and fun, we were certain that she would discover New York in no time … and with any luck she’d get lost in the experience and not the city.”

When you’re done using your map, you can still rock the cuff as a badge of courage and reminder of all the fun you had exploring that city. Check out the Designhype site for more travel inspiration.


6 Berlin

5 Chicago

4 London

4 Milan

3 Paris

Washington DC
2 WashingtonDC


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