Italian Man Spends 10 years Illustrating and Handwriting the Bible

Italian retiree Dino Mazzoli had a vision: to create a visually inspiring and heartfelt version of the Bible, as they did long ago. Before the printing press was invented, old manuscripts of the Bible were beautifully handwritten, illustrated, and preserved. But the press allowed the book to be easily replicated, and thus the artistic beauty of the text fell by the wayside. Yet for Mazzoli, the old style held more allure. So he set out on a personal journey to create his own version—word by word.

Bible 2

Mazzoli spent 10 years handwriting nearly 1,500 pages of the Christian Community version of the Bible. The finished piece also includes 5,000 illustrations, including watercolors, collages, and crayons. (You can see influences of Matisse, Picasso, and Cezanne in his works.)

The highlight for Mazzoli after completing this tremendous task? Letters of recognition from non other than the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Bible 1


Bible 3

Bible 4

Bible 6

Bible 7

Bible 8

Bible 10

bible 11

h/t: Daily Mail

Want to see more? A digital version of the book is available online. (All the proceeds go to charity.)

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