3D Printed Fun House Lenses Make Life A Little Funnier

Using a new rapid prototyping process, artist duo Robb Godshaw and Max Hawkins have found a way to 3D print lenses with funhouse effects. Their lenses can turn your face into all eyes or give you 3 mouths or even shrink your head to tiny proportions. They are publicly debuting their first body of work, called Smaller & Upside Down, on Market Street in San Francisco from April 9-11, 2015 for the Market Street Prototyping Festival, where they will also demonstrate how it was done.

For step by step instructions for their process, check out Robb Godshaw’s Instructable. If you can’t make it to San Francisco this weekend, check out the project page for all of the details. You can find more projects by each of these talented artists on their individual websites, listed below.

Robb Godshaw | Max Hawkins







Via: creativeapplications.net

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