A Tree Covered Apartment Building Protects Residents from Pollution (and Looks Like Paradise)

Covered with 150 individual trees, the 25 Verde apartment building in Turin, Italy, looks like a playground for the nature lover. Designed by Luciano Pia, the 5-story, 63 unit building was constructed with large pots on its outside walls, while wooden shingles and tree-like steel beams complete the arboreal aesthetic. It’s not just for good looks though.

With the perks of living in an urban environment come some serious downsides. Air pollution is a constant problem for the city dweller’s health, but this building’s 150 trees can absorb nearly 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour (and if you don’t think that will make a big difference in air quality, just sample a deep breath at your local city park). The plants provide shade from the sun during the hot months and insulation in the cold of winter, and also shelter from the noises of the city below. Find out more about this enviable living environment at lucianopia.it.

25 Verde 1

25 Verde 2

25 Verde 3

25 Verde 4

25 Verde 5

25 Verde 6

25 Verde 7

25 Verde 8

25 Verde 9

25 Verde 10

(via Colossal)

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