Tiny Worlds Float on Gallery Walls. Sculptures by Cuban Artist Jorge Mayet

Cuban artist Jorge Mayet is creating his own miniature worlds. Attached to white walls, many of his sculptures seem to float in the sky, their bottom sides revealing raw soil and roots as if they have ripped free from all that is below. Other sculptures seem to explode in mid-air, their small wooden houses becoming a cloud of floating splinters. This is no destructive event, however, but one that makes things move and spread.

Like his floating islands, Jorge left Cuba 22 years ago to explore the world. He landed on another island, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. His work today draws inspiration from his homeland, creating a conversation about belonging and nostalgia for place.

Jorge Mayet 1

Mayet builds his tiny worlds predominantly from green painted sponges, paper mache, wire and cloth. His most recent exhibition took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, at Galeria Inox. You can see more on their Facebook page or learn more about Mayet here.

Jorge Mayet 2

Jorge Mayet 11

Jorge Mayet 12

Jorge Mayet 4

Jorge Mayet 7

Jorge Mayet 10

Jorge Mayet 6

Jorge Mayet 8

Jorge Mayet 9

(via Lustik, photos by Galeria Inox)

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