School Cafeteria Lunches Around the World

Each day in the United States, over 32 million students eat lunches from their school cafeterias. The food consumed accounts for more than half of each students daily calorie intake – which therefore makes the school cafeteria that much more important in delivering healthy food and preventing child obesity. Unfortunately, if you grew up going to an American school and eating food in the cafeteria, it is unlikely you got the most delicious and healthy food. Yet, if you grew up going to a school in another country around the world, you may have had a different experience.

SweetGreen is a chain of salad restaurants that run the SweetGreen in Schools program. Used to educate youth about healthy eating, sustainability and fitness, they’ve kickstarted the conversation by creating a photo series displaying the variety of foods you would typically get in other countries. It’s quite interesting to see what other nations feed their bright minds.

France: Steak, carrots, green beans, cheese, and fruit.

Italy: Local fish with arugula, pasta, caprese salad, bread, and grapes.
International Food School by_benoitpaille 5

Spain: Shrimp with brown rice, gazpacho, bread, peppers, and an orange.
International Food School by_benoitpaille 6

Brazil: Pork with vegetables, rice with black beans, salad, bread, and baked plantains.
International Food School by_benoitpaille 7

South Korea: Fish soup, tofu with rice, broccoli, peppers, and kimchi.
International Food School by_benoitpaille 2

Finland: Pea soup, beet salad, carrots, and bread. For dessert, there’s fresh fruit and pannakkau, a type of dessert pancake.
International Food School by_benoitpaille 4

Ukraine: Sausage with mashed potatoes, borscht, cabbage, and syrniki (a dessert pancake).
International Food School by_benoitpaille 8

Greece: Baked chicken with orzo, stuffed grape leaves, cucumber and tomato salad, yogurt with pomegranate seeds, and oranges.
International Food School by_benoitpaille 9

USA: Fried popcorn chicken with ketchup, mashed potatoes, peas, fruit cup, and a chocolate chip cookie.
International Food School by_benoitpaille 10


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