Can You Identify These 18 Everyday Objects Photographed Up Close?

Look around you and the world seems pretty familiar – but if you look close enough, things can start to look pretty alien. For the recent project Amazing Worlds Within Our World, multi-talented artist Pyanek created a series of macro photos that explore everyday objects up close, revealing their minute details while obscuring what makes them so recognizable.

To capture each image Pyanek used a Canon T3i (600D/Kiss X5) with the kit lens reversed and HeliconFocus for focus stacking. Not content to simply take and share incredible photographs, Pyanek also composed ambient music to accompany the fantastic video below.

How many of these everyday objects can you identify? (without reading the answers below each picture, of course!)

Serrated Knife

1) Serrated Knife

Apple Stem

2) Apple Stem

Ballpoint Pen

3) Ballpoint Pen

Corrugated Cardboard

4) Corrugated Cardboard

Beach Stone

5) Beach Stone

Grain of White Sugar

6) Grain of White Sugar

Incense Stick

7) Incense Stick

Book Pages

8) Book Pages

Brass Key

9) Brass Key


10) Cornflake

Soap Foam

11) Soap Foam


12) Spaghetti

Tea Bag

13) Tea Bag

The %22X%22 on a keyboard

14) The “X” on a keyboard

Kitchen Sponge

15) Kitchen Sponge


16) Lipstick

Match Head

17) Match Head


18) Screw Threads

(via Twister Sifter)

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