PrintSnap: A Home-Built Camera That Prints on Receipt Paper (and Almost for Free)

Holding a physical photograph is a rarity in this age of digital photography, but Seattle-based electrical engineer Michael Ciuffo has come up with an unusual way to put lots of images on paper for very, very little cash. He’s using an ordinary roll of receipt paper as his instant film.

Ciuffo’s home-brew PrintSnap camera uses thermal receipt paper to print out black & white shots in just about 30 seconds. There’s no ink to replace, you just pop in a new 50 foot roll of paper. Even if the camera’s 640×384 resolution and 3 by 1.75 inch print size isn’t mind blowing, it definitely seems like a great way to quickly remember a moment with friends (or as Ciuffo humorously demonstrates, even remix it).

Perhaps the best part of this design? Ciuffo estimates each print costs just $0.003! Do the math compared to a single shot using instant film from the Impossible Project (which runs just under $24 for an 8 print pack), and you can shoot nearly 1000 pictures for the price of one.

Ciuffo is promising a crowd funding project to bring his camera into production soon, along with a more conventional plastic body. You can keep up to date on when that happens by signing up for the mailing list on his website. For those interested in the inner workings, he’s also shared an extensive account of his creation process.

PrintSnap 8

PrintSnap 2

PrintSnap 3

PrintSnap 4

PrintSnap 5

PrintSnap 6

PrintSnap 7

(via PetaPixel)

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