“Merry Christmas Honey! I Got You a Vacuum!” 16 Awkwardly Vintage Christmas Ads

They sure don’t make ’em like they used to… especially when it comes to Christmas advertisements. They were sexist, weird and even downright unhealthy. So grab your matching family pajamas, light up a few smokes, and take a trip down memory lane with these gloriously bad mid-century ads.

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

Bad Xmas Ads 2

“Santa, you shouldn’t have … no, really.”

Bad Xmas Ads 3

Taste that? It’s sprinkled with sexism.

Bad Xmas Ads 4

Tis the season to be orange.

Bad Xmas Ads 6

“What a beautiful way to say”… no more fruit cake.

Bad Xmas Ads 12

Nothing says Christmas like a warm gun.

Bad Xmas Ads 7

There is no way this will backfire.

Bad Xmas Ads 8

“This Christmas give cartons of Luckies.” 11 cartons to be exact.

Bad Xmas Ads 9

In fact, let’s just smoke smoke smoke the day away.

Bad Xmas Ads 5

This woman is clearly making New Year’s resolutions.

Bad Xmas Ads 10

You know you want to try it…

Bad Xmas Ads 13

“This Christmas Timmy, we’re giving you a big box of shame.”

Bad Xmas Ads 16

Ho ho how words have changed.

Bad Xmas Ads 17

So many ways… and yet.

Bad Xmas Ads 18

(via vintag.es)

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