How Obama’s 3D Printed Bust was Created

There has been a presidential portrait for every US president, but never before has their exact likeness been recreated in 3D. As part of the White House’s first-ever Maker Faire, the President sat for a moment surrounded by 50 LED lights, 14 cameras and handheld 3D scanners which captured every one of his details – from textures to skin tones. The White House video below details the process, but begins with an explanation of an old-time (and far less fun) counterpart for presidential replication – the death mask.

The team behind the unusual project was made up of experts from Autodesk, the Smithsonian, 3D Systems and the University of Southern California. Once their data was collected (it was surprisingly quick), they compiled the raw data into a 3D model and sent it to the printer.

Will this become a new trend in presidential portraiture? Only time will tell.

Obama 3D Printed Bust 2

Obama 3D Printed Bust 3

(via engadget & Petapixel)

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