MAD Campus: An Interactive and Eclectic Art Exhibit at the University of Washington

The University of Washington in Seattle is playing host to a series of interactive art installations this month, called “Mad Campus.” The event is sponsored by local art organization Mad Art, who makes it their mission to promote art to the public through innovative and surprising installations while supporting local and emerging artists.


The “Mad Campus” exhibit features work from 13 local artists which are spread throughout the beautiful campus. The aim is to bring more of the public to the university and also to encourage UW students in the curricula of art. Check out more information at Mad Art.

Above: Wave Sine by W. Scott Trimble, photo by James Harnois

Sentinel by Kevin McCarthy, photo by James Harnois
Mad art 3

Untitled by Alyson Piskorowski, photo by James Harnois
Mad art 2

Relics of Experience by Evan Blackwell, photo by James Harnois
Mad art 4

By Degrees by Perri Howard, photo by James Harnois
Mad art 5

Global Bloblem by Paul Komada, photo by James Harnois
Mad art 8

The Legend of Jerry Roundtree by Seth Friedman, photo by James Harnois
Mad art 10

Hortus Curiosus by Saya Moriyasu & Maki Tamura, photo by Tim Detweiler
Mad art 11

Six Swans by Tory Franklin, photo by Katie Wood
Mad art 12

Burnt into Time by Brian Widmaier, photo by Katie Wood
mad art 13

Lone Stranger by Piper O’Neill, photo by Katie Wood
madart 1

Lux Sit by Julia Chamberlain, photo by Julia Chamberlain

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