The Refrigerator Bottle Loft Is Pure Genius

If you, like most people, have ever struggled with finding space in your fridge to cool your beer, then you are going to want to hug Brian Conti of Strong Like Bull Magnets, the genius behind Bottle Loft. Now bottles, jars, and anything with metal lids do not have to waste space in your fridge. With super strong magnets, you can free up that wasted space above your short items so that you can still place other things below. No more taking everything out or shoving the bottles in whatever random crevices you can find. No more filling the veggie drawer with beers. Everything can fit just perfectly and it’s an organizer’s dream come true.


Make your fridge cooler by pre-ordering some Bottle Loft strips on Kickstarter now. The campaign is over halfway to its goal with 22 days to go. Conti has already addressed the concern that door slams could knock down bottles with a video showing that the bottles won’t even budge with the most aggressive of slams. These magnets are no joke!








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