Yes, This is What Norway’s Money Will Look Like in 2017

This past spring, the central bank of Norway, Norges Bank, ran a competition to design an entirely new banknote series. With a challenge to communicate the theme of “The Sea,” the competition drew entries from a wide demographic of the country – from professional artists to young children. Now after the final round, the jury has selected work from two colorful proposals to grace each side. One is beautifully detailed nautical images from The Metric System, and one is strikingly abstract from Snøhetta Design.

Norway isn’t the first country with wildly colorful currency. Canada and Australia are notable examples with a rainbow of banknotes. But the pixelated obverse motif envisioned by Snøhetta Design is beautifully unique, and lends the notes both a classic expression on one side and a modern one on the other. Here is currency that looks to the past, and the future.

The series is now going through a revision process to incorporate security elements, so they may look a little different when completed and issued as early as 2017. Hopefully they don’t change much – I think they’re especially cool.

The Beauty of Boundaries by Snøhetta Design

Norwegian Kroner 3

Norwegian Living Space by The Metric System

Norwegian Kroner 2

(via Reddit)

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