It Doesn’t Get Cooler than Motorcycle Chariots

Motorcycles have been called “Iron Steeds” for a long time, but the forgotten sport of motorcycle chariot racing really took that horse thing literally.

Yes. Motorcycle. Chariot. Racing. And it looks just as tough as it sounds.

The information on this rare sport is sparse, but from what we can dig up, the daredevel trend started catching on in the early 1920s – with a number of countries claiming to invent it. Those are two very cool Australian police officers up above, racing at a celebration in 1936.

At first, chariots were pulled by single motorcycles that had riders. This guy with a whip is a nice touch:

Motorcycle Chariot Racing 02

Motorcycle Chariot Racing 03

Then multiple motorcycles were joined together with a frame. Cables attached to handlebars gave the true chariot experience:

Motorcycle Chariot Racing 04

Then they added more bikes:

Motorcycle Chariot Racing 05

In fact it got pretty crazy:

Motorcycle Chariot Racing 06

But this insane idea isn’t over… and you’ve never heard a chariot like this before:

(via Reddit & Riding Vintage)

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