These are the Patterns Wings Trace in Flight

Although many animals take flight, they don’t do it in exactly the same way. That’s what Eleanor Lutz’ exceptional animated infographic shows us. She’s taken the flight patterns of 5 different species – egyptian fruit bat, dragonfly, Canada goose, hawk moth and hummingbird – and used Youtube videos to give us a look at how their wings move.

“I found slow-motion videos of five flying species, and mapped out specific points on the wings during one wingbeat. I ended up with 15 frames per wingbeat, and I connected every frame using imaginary curves that went through all of the 15 mapped points.”

Lutz is the first to point out that this isn’t a scientific exercise that draws firm conclusions – it’s more a beautifully artistic pursuit. You’ll definitely want to take a closer look on her blog, and at the other fascinating scientific animations.

Here’s a closer look at her Canada goose:


(via Reddit)

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