Geometrically Sweet: 3D Printed Sugar Cubes are Here

If you are tired of putting normal sugar cubes in your morning cup of coffee, there’s a new alternative to make your experience that much more exciting: 3D printed sugar cubes. Yes, they are super sweat. Created by the Sugar Lab team at 3D Systems, the cubes come is a variety of unusual shapes, sizes and tasty colors.


The team is using the 3D Systems Chefjet printer to create each edibles treat. The Chefjet comes with various printable materials and flavors, such as chocolate, mint, vanilla and watermelon. If you want some cool sugar cubes for your wedding or next social event, they are for sale in limited quantity at Cubify.

If you’re interested in more ways 3D printing is hitting the kitchen, NPR put out an excellent article earlier this year.


joshua_harker_cubes 6

joshua_harker_skull_cubes 7

3d_printed_sugar_cubes 2

3d_printed_sugar_cubes 8

3d_printed_sugar_cubes 9

3d_printed_sugar_cubes 10



3d_printed_chocolate_cubes 10

3d_print_color_sugar_cubes 13

3d_print_color_sugarcubes 4

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