Who Flipped the Ford? Bizarrely Inverted Vehicles that Still Drive

If you want to hear endless jokes about your car being from Australia, we’ve got the rides for you. With their four wheels pointed sky high, both of these vehicles look like they’ve completely flipped over, but the real shock comes when they drive away quite normally.


With extensive amounts of oddball ingenuity, the bodywork on both this Ford F150 and Chevy Camaro have been flipped over, leaving dummy wheels in place and a hidden drivetrain underneath. From a distance, the only real giveaway is the driver’s head poking out.

Rick Sullivan created the flipped Ford (you can see its spinning wheels here) and Jeff Bloch (aka Speedy Cop) has quite a bit of information on what went into creating his bizarre Upside Down Camaro… and then racing against perfectly normal race cars. Don’t miss his drag racing Cessna airplane (the Spirit of LeMons) either.

Upside down vehicles 2

Upside down vehicles 10

Upside down vehicles 3

Upside down vehicles 9

Upside down vehicles 4

Upside down vehicles 5

Upside down vehicles 6

Upside down vehicles 7

Upside down vehicles 8

via Reddit & Lost at E minor

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