Impossible Bird Formations Take Flight

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 1

Shaun Kardinal has been creating digital collages using found images from friends’ Facebook and Instagram feeds… specifically nabbing the birds that frequent their skies. His series Flying Formation is a collection of improbable (or impossible?) formations of birds in curving spirals, perfectly straight lines and sky filling flocks. His unconventional exhibition took the form of posting the images on Instagram over the course of two hours during Seattle’s First Thursday Art Walk.

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 2

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 3

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 4

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 5

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 6

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 7

Flying-Formation-Shaun-Kardinal 8

via 123Inspiration

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