Slice Into These Incredible Glass Artworks

The impressive artwork you see here employs an ancient 4000-year-old mideast glass technique called murrine. Using long rods of glass cane, intricate patterns can be built into a loaf like form, only revealing the hidden details when a slice is cut off. While you’ve probably seen the technique used in patterned glasswork at your local art gallery, you’ve never seen the astounding level of detail achieved in these reinterpreted paintings from Loren Stump.

Murrine Glass Artworks 3

Loren, a glass artist from Elk Grove, California, has more than 40 years experience in the art form. Her complexly detailed creations see the figures of the Virgin Mary, angels and classic faces in each slice. The painterly quality of each slice, and details like shadows or individual leaves, make it all the more impressive these are made from layers of glass.

Want to own one of these tiny treasures? The slices are going to set you back a serious amount of dough – each cut from the piece above went for $5000.

Learn more about Loren Stump and the workshops she offers in glass techniques on her website Stumpchuck.

Murrine Glass Artworks 2

Murrine Glass Artworks 4


Murrine Glass Artworks 5

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