Excuse Me Sir, You Have a Ferret on Your Face


There’s facial hair, and then there’s strapping a live, sharp clawed animal to your face. Either way it’s pretty manly. That’s the gist behind this 3 part series of photo manipulations that sees various members of the Mustelidae family keeping faces warm (no men or animals were harmed in the making).

The series was created by image production company Electric Art of Sydney for Schick New Zealand and their “Free Your Skin” campaign.

But honestly – if you had a beard this gloriously alive, would you really want to shave it off?

This gentleman is sporting a stylish Stoat.

Nothing gets the women like a well trimmed Weasel.

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  1. xavier

    To be honest, I live in NZ but have not seen these. Also I am every marketing person’s worst nightmare – ads put me OFF, not draw me TO products and services.

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