A Hilarious Stop-Motion Animation Inserts Cartoons Into Real Life

When we covered storyboard artist Hombre McSteez (aka Marty Cooper) a bit ago, we had no idea he’d go on to do something even more awesome. He’s been doodling on transparencies with permanent marker and white out, then inserting his wacky characters into the real world. The results, and especially the way they interact with the real world environment, are hilariously bizarre. Now he’s brought his doodles to life.

McSteez’s new animation “Aug(De)Mented Reality” sees him using traditional animation technique and an iPhone 5s to create an “odd creature infested cartoon universe.” Holding each animation cell visibly in his hand gives us a look into the secret behind his creative process – and surprisingly he shoots the scene with a distinct lack of shakiness. The entire animation is composed of a number of short Instagram videos. It’s really the best.

Check out more on Tumblr and Twitter.

Via Petapixel

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