All the World’s a Stage in these Cardboard Rooms

Art duo Dosshaus is creating a world that is fiber and substance filled, building highly theatrical rooms out of painted cardboard. The black & white monochromatic spaces they make are fascinating studies in the aesthetics of the past. Do they inspire thoughts of Parisian rooftop apartments filled with wild bohemians imbibing absinth in pursuit of the next creative spark? Maybe it’s a passionate writer furiously hitting at typewriter keys while drinking down a whiskey. Either way, it’s a fantastic place to be.

(above and below: The writer’s room.)


The two behind these wonderful sets are Zoey and David. Zoey mostly takes center stage, providing some unexpected and lively color in the vintage scenes, while David mostly does the photography. Similar to the work of Alexa Meade every element in their scenes could easily be a painting (including that clever cubist inspired 3D guitar painting hanging from the wall).


You can see the large collection of cardboard and photographic work from these two on DeviantArt or follow them on Instagram.

The music room.

the_music_room_by_dosshaus 2

the_music_room_by_dosshaus 3

Dosshaus welcoming the new year.

The unexpected luncheon.

In the night theatre.

After her show.

in_the_night_theatre_by_dosshaus 2

in_the_night_theatre_by_dosshaus 3

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