Who Knew Disney Janitors Made Art With Their Mops?

Redditor TheVantasy made a splash recently when she revealed a little known fact about the janitors at Disney World: they draw cartoon characters with their mops. That’s right, while they’re out cleaning up after the hoards of people who visit the park each day, they also take the time to stop and entertain the unsuspecting folks around them. We have to hand it to Disney on this one – sometimes their ideas truly are magic.

“I gotta say, at first I was doing it because it was more fun than, y’know, cleaning, but then I realized how much guests really liked it.” she says. “I cried on my last day working because I drew Minnie Mouse for a little girl who hugged me to say thank you because she didn’t speak English.”


Above is Goofy, one of the most requested characters from guests (right after Minnie Mouse). Below you’ll find Simba, TheVantasy’s favorite character to draw.

Disney Janitor Art 2

TheVantasy says there were sometimes art battles. In this case she lost to this 3/4 profile of Goofy. Skills!

Disney Janitor Art 3

The beginning of Stitch:

Disney Janitor Art 4

Adult Simba was big!

Disney Janitor Art 5

Donald Duck. “I couldn’t handle it when people called him Daffy Duck, though…” says TheVantasy.

Disney Janitor Art 6

Lady from that movie with the Tramp:

Disney Janitor Art 7

Mike Wazowski!

Disney Janitor Art 8

Carl’s happy face from UP!

Disney Janitor Art 9

via Reddit

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