Even More Colorful, Awe-Inspiring 3D Sketchbook Illustrations by Hideyuki Nagai

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The artist who mastered the art of bringing 2D sketchbooks to life with his pencil has grown tired of black and white, adding much more color to his latest collection. Nagai Hideyuki is a talented, young Japanese artist who has serious anamorphic abilities. Now 23 years old, he continues to build an impressive profile and even shares some of his techniques on YouTube videos like the one below. He also uploads videos of his drawings from different angles to prove that they aren’t actually 3 dimensional. It’s hard to believe sometimes!

Check out Nagai Hideyuki’s entire collection on his official website and deviantART. Watch his videos on YouTube. And show him some love by following him on Facebook and Twitter. We anxiously wait to see what this gifted artist will do next!

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