Living Between Buildings: A Bold and Smart Solution for Crowded Cities

In an increasingly crowded world were people are choosing more and more to live in cities, it’s no wonder space is at a premium. What do you do when there’s little room left? Designers Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann have a clever solution: live in between the buildings.

Their idea is perfectly suited for their home environment in Denmark – a place with plenty of tightly packed row houses, but with some gaps remaining in between. Their micro apartments would float above street level in these narrow spaces, taking advantage of the natural light from either side while providing a highly unique living space for the occupant. In some cases where access was from the side walls themselves, the house might not even block the walking space below – it would almost be stealth living.


The duo have envisioned a number of novel design profiles for their concept, ranging from an egg-like oval to a whimsical Pac-Man ghost. Each design would have a unique interior with slanting walls, useful ledges and plenty of stairs.

Part of the genius behind the design is the way it utilizes existing walls in its construction. This minimizes the structure needed to build the space, while potentially providing different textures for each interior wall surface.

The project recently won an award at the “New Vision of the Loft 2″ competition organized by roof window maker Fakro and A10 Magazine. Part of the stipulation for the design was that it use windows by Fakro in its design. Find out more over at Fakro’s New Vision of the Loft 2.





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