New York Rooftops Hold Hidden Surprises

One of the most exciting features of New York City is hidden from most of our eyes… unless you can fly. Pilot and photographer Alex MacLean is giving us a different perspective of the Big Apple, looking down on the rooftops of the city, and revealing a magical and exclusive world that floats far above the streets.

Alex Maclean NYC Rooftops 3

MacLean’s images show the stunning patterns of environmentally friendly living roofs and city-based agriculture, along with luxurious gardens, sunbathers and swimming pools surrounding penthouse apartments. These verdant places contrast strikingly with the grey cement and plate glass windows below, while revealing the practicality of making the city more “green” and combatting the urban heat island effect.


The photographs are part of MacLean’s book Up On The Roof: New York’s Hidden Skyline Spaces. It features maps and captions to help locate each place – something that would be challenging from such an unfamiliar perspective. Find out more about the book here.

Alex Maclean NYC Rooftops 2

Alex Maclean NYC Rooftops 4

Alex Maclean NYC Rooftops 5

Alex Maclean NYC Rooftops 6

Alex Maclean NYC Rooftops 7

via Lostateminor

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