Seph Lawless Explores the Abandoned Malls of America

With a name like Seph Lawless, you might understand why this pseudonymous artist chooses to keep his true identity a secret. His most recent series of photographs captures the decay of the american shopping mall. Here is a place that was once filled with bright storefronts, music, loud shoppers and bubbling fountains – now transformed into eerily empty halls by years of neglect and vandalism.

Lawless’ images are a fascinating observation on the speed at which things can fall apart. Not many years after closure and ceiling tiles have fallen to the floor; indoor plants stand brown and dead without a drink of water; and windows everywhere are shattered from the work of vandals.

Seph Lawless Abandoned Malls 8

What is to become of these once busy places of commerce, now faded symbols of the “American Dream” and capitalism at its most obvious? What do these images say about the changing landscape of consumerism and new trends like online shopping?

Lawless’ newly published photo book Black Friday – The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall includes these and other abandoned malls around America. You can see more of his work on his personal site, or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Seph Lawless Abandoned Malls 2

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Seph Lawless Abandoned Malls 7

via Daily Mail

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