Illustrations Filling the Sky Between Buildings


When you look up at the sky and think of art, you might think of skywriting airplanes or animals made out of clouds, but French illustrator Thomas Lamadieu is giving “sky art” a whole new look. The photographer has recently been capturing the view above in tiny courtyards around Germany, Belgium and France, and then using the building framed sky as the canvas for his whimsically hemmed in characters.

(above: Berlin, Germany)

Hambourg, Germany


The beard sporting fellows that Lamadieu usually features, are truly defined by the world that surrounds them. He cleverly works in their playful situations and the art they are frequently creating, leaving the bright blue to show through the black lines and white fill. It’s a wonderful combination of reality and imagination that will keep you looking up with a smile on your face. See more of his recent work on his personal website.

Bruxelles, Belgium


Hambourg, Germany


Marburg, Germany


Paris, France


Hambourg, Germany


Avignon, France (before and after)

z Thomas Lamadieu Sky Illustrations

via Colossal

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