A Globe Made Out of Hand-Painted Matchsticks Shows the Earth When Hurricane Sandy Struck

From afar, this globe looks like any other, but upon closer examination you can see that the surface is made up of thousands of matchsticks! NYC based artist Andy Yoder spent 2 years recreating the satellite images of the Earth during Hurricane Sandy. He hand-painted each of the matchsticks to achieve the perfect pigment, then glued them one-by one to a frame made of foam and cardboard inside a plywood skeleton. Don’t get pyro-happy from all the matches though, Yoder’s last step was to coat the entire globe in flame retardant, so this work will never go up in flames.


The piece, called “Early One Morning” will be on display at the PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair next month from May 8-11th, 2014. Yoder’s proud son, Austin, shared his dad’s work on Reddit and announced that his father will soon be doing an AMA about his artwork to answer any questions Redditors might have. Check out more work by Andy Yoder on his website.

2 andy Yoder globe

3 andy Yoder globe

4 andy Yoder globe

5 andy Yoder globe

6 andy Yoder globe

7 andy Yoder globe

8 andy Yoder globe

9 andy Yoder globe

10 andy Yoder globe

11 andy Yoder globe

12 andy Yoder globe

13 andy Yoder globe

14 andy Yoder globe

Via: geekartgallery.blogspot.com

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