This is Not a Cucumber.

Its not what it seems Hikaru Cho painted food 2

What you’re looking at here may seem like food – and it is – but it’s not what you think. Tokyo-born artist Hikaru Cho is using her deft skill with a paintbrush to transform one food into another. Imagine picking up a tiny eggplant and suddenly breaking it like an egg, spilling its yolk all over the floor. That’s the reality she’s creating here.

Its not what it seems Hikaru Cho painted food 3

Its not what it seems Hikaru Cho painted food 4

Cho’s work is one part spooky and two parts fun. She’s made a name for herself painting people’s bodies with believable illusions from zippers in their backs, to an insanely creepy second set of eyeballs and bizarrely beautiful makeup. It seems there are few things she can’t apply paint to and transform their appearance… if not their reality.

Its not what it seems Hikaru Cho painted food 5

Its not what it seems Hikaru Cho painted food 6

In transforming what we see, Cho is helping us re-think everyday objects along with human form and nature. What if we did have electrical plugs in our backs? What if I could find a banana inside a cucumber? See the bizarre and thought provoking world she’s creating on her very cool website or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Benjamin Starr

Benjamin Starr

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