These Aren’t Couples. They Are Actually Pictures of Just One Person

JJ Levine Alone Time 1

Nope, you’re not looking at a couple lounging around the house – this is actually a picture of just one person dressed as a woman and a man. JJ Levine’s provocative photo series Alone Time, explores gender identity by capturing the same individual representing themselves as both sexes… and hanging out with themselves.

JJ Levine Alone Time 2

The series is highly convincing, in part because JJ Levine spent many of his years alternately identifying as a male and female, and thus understands much that goes into changing your sexual appearance. Here he captures his friends that “live beyond and outside of the confines of the mainstream, capitalist gay world,” showing the highly flexible nature of gender with a playful and thought provoking approach.

Because we are looking at just one person, Alone Time gives us a chance to step back from our preconceived notions about gender identity, instead focusing on the unique individuals before us – an identity beyond their chosen gender. You can see more at

JJ Levine Alone Time 3

JJ Levine Alone Time 4

JJ Levine Alone Time 5

JJ Levine Alone Time 6

JJ Levine Alone Time 7

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