Sand Creatures: Claire Droppert Captures Clouds of Sand in Mid-Flight


Throwing sand at the beach used to be one of those things frowned upon – the kind of activity that will get sand in the eyes of people far downwind – but no longer. Rotterdam-based photographer Claire Droppert has just announced her most recent series ‘Sand Creatures’ which brings an enlightening new context to something so normal.

Droppert’s work turns the heavy piles of sand into something weightless, ethereal and almost cloud-like. I say almost because the exceptional detail and high speed found in each shot captures large chunks and even individual sand grains mid-flight. It’s a beautiful uniting of simplicity and complexity.

Gravity Sand Creatures 2

Sand Creatures is the first installment in her Gravity project which seeks to “capture earths different elements and let them stand out in their natural surroundings using moments of zero gravity.” Keep current on the project at Behance, Instagram or on her personal website.

Gravity Sand Creatures 3

Gravity Sand Creatures 4

Gravity Sand Creatures 5

Gravity Sand Creatures 6

Gravity Sand Creatures 7

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  1. HeidiSue

    some of them look like they are angrily bursting through, and some of them look like they’re skipping or throwing confetti.

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