Around the World: National & Continental Maps Created From Common Foods Arranged Perfectly

One of the things people love most about travel is experiencing the foods from other countries. Henry Hargreaves, an artist in New Zealand, worked with Caitlin Levin, a stylist in NY, to combine these passions in a series that will make cartographers, travelers, foodies, and typography geeks swoon. Choosing a food type appropriate for each country, they cleverly arranged the varieties in distinct ways to separate different regions. For example, they chose corn to represent the USA, but each state featured a different form of corn, meticulously arranged. They used citrus fruits for South America, bananas and plantains for Africa, shrimp for Australia, noodles for China, bread and cheese for France, spices for India, tomatoes for Italy, seaweed for Japan, kiwis for New Zealand, and biscuits for the U.K. Then graphic designer Sarit Melmed created stunning typography to give each map a classy finishing touch.


Hargreaves tells My Modern Met, “This project speaks to the universality of how food unites people, brings us together and starts conversation – just as we hope these beautiful maps will do too.” Check out more work by Henry Hargreaves on his website.

2 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

3 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

4 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

5 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

6 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

7 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

8 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

9 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

10 henry-hargreaves-food-maps

11 henry-hargreaves-food-maps


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