What is this, Inception? City Landscapes with Only the Building Facades

Imagine opening a small door on an imposing building, only to find bright rolling fields of grass on the other side. Like a movie set with its tricks revealed, French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy has been capturing images of the city and reducing the buildings down to just their facades. In doing so he creates fictitious worlds where their architectural substance is only skin deep.

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 11

Zacharie’s work gives us a chance to appreciate the facades like individual artistic canvases. Where one building could be an ugly apartment block – telephone wires and stuck-on balconies included – we now get to assess the structure free of its intended purpose.

In these surrealist landscapes, the humans, their vehicles and even the purposeful lighting, all become fictions – pointless accompaniments to a land without reason. Is this some grand facade intended on fooling one individual à la The Truman Show or Inception? Make your assessment at Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy’s personal site.

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 5

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 1

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 2

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 4

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 6

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 7

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 8

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 9

Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy Facades 10

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