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We’ve Got You Covered: People Matching Their Bodies to Book Covers

For anyone who adores books, this is one way to get far closer to those literary loves. Working a Thursday night at Skylight Books in LA, Emily Pullen grabbed a book and matched her body to the figure on the cover. Her friends and co-workers joined in, matching each of their bodies more or less perfectly with those on the books – everything from faces and eyeballs, to punching fists and flexing muscle men. It was addictive.


Now Emily runs the superbly titled blog Corpus Libris, collecting body/book photographs from fans and friends around the web and sharing them with us all. The juxtaposition of her curated reality/fiction is growing ever more seamless and entertaining… just check out some of our favorites below (and for a body/currency mashup, check out our article Show Me Your Money Face).

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Corpus Libris 5

Corpus Libris 6

Corpus Libris 7

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