Parents and Kids Swapping Clothes (Or Why Parents Shouldn’t Dress Their Age)

Do your mom and dad think your fashion is completely crazy? Do your kids think you’ve completely checked out when it comes to style? Then survey this fantastic series of images from photographer Qozop. In each, he’s been getting parents to swap clothes with their kids… and the results are excitingly revealing.

Unlike the similar series Switcheroo by Hana Pesut which featured couples swapping clothes, this series keeps the genders the same and instead allows us to focus on the age and fashion gap between family. In the left image of each diptych the pair wears their own clothes, but in the right image they have been swapped.

The immediate takeaway is that parents should definitely steal there kids clothes.

Almost every parent here looks exceedingly cool in the younger, hip version of clothes… from the ridiculously stylish dad above, to the happily playful mom below. Sure, the youth in these photos might be a little above average on fashion sense… but when the parents don their clothes, they look like they could have jumped right off the pages of The Sartorialist.

Ok… almost all of them.

qozop Spring-Autumn 3

qozop Spring-Autumn 1

qozop Spring-Autumn 2

qozop Spring-Autumn 4

qozop Spring-Autumn 5

qozop Spring-Autumn 7

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