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Miniature Worlds in a Bubble: The Coolest Terrariums You’ve Ever Seen

Tuesday 01.21.2014 , Posted by
1 Terrarium


Ever since watching ‘The Making of Star Wars’ in 2nd grade, Tony Larson has been captivated by fantasy set design. For fun, he creates terrariums that would up the coolness factor of any home or office. From famous landmarks like Stonehenge and Easter Island, to scenes from Star Wars and Jurassic Park, each miniature landscape is so meticulously decorated that you will wish you could swap places with the plastic figurines inside. Growing up in International Falls, MN, also known as the “icebox of the nation,” Larson turned to photography and crafting to keep warm and busy throughout the long winters. Aside from creating dioramas that put most peoples’ finest school projects to shame, Larson loves DJ’ing, Film Editing, Cinematography, Special FX, and Audio Production.

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Larson says,

Seeing the wizardry behind the film’s [Star Wars’] special FX… I was immediately a lifelong fan of movie magicians, Industrial Light and Magic, Ray Harryhausen and many more film and fantasy art legends.

Scoop up one of these rad terrariums at Larson’s Etsy shop, where you can also see more of his awesome designs.

9 Terrarium

8 Terrarium

7 Terrarium

6 Terrarium

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3 Terrarium

2 Terrarium

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