Women Under Wraps: Eerie Photos On Domestic Life

At first glance, the brilliant florals, silks, and taffetas that photographer Patty Carroll captures in her project “Anonymous Women” exude an attractive aura of domestic luxury. However, upon closer inspection, the idea of “home sweet home” quickly becomes all too saccharine. As the garish textiles are revealed to hide trapped female figures beneath them, the series peers into the cult of domesticity with a startling double vision.


Unsettled by the highly-sanctified, gendered domestic order of her own home while growing up in suburban Chicago, Carroll communicates a haunting view of home life through her use of fabric as a simultaneously beautiful and complex material. At once adding decadence and sensuality to the spaces they swathe, the tapestries also serve a nefarious function as dangerous, distracting decor. As they beautify, their bold patterns ultimately obscure the nameless women beneath them, questioning the dark realities that can be shrouded by a seemingly-perfect, prosperous, and well-ordered home.

In her artist’s statement, the photographer speaks to the women “silently running a home and family, creating beauty and order from chaos, but [who] remain unnoticed by the outer world, the people around them, or even themselves.” Uncovering strangling ideals of beauty, desire, and perfection often hidden behind closed doors, “Anonymous Women” asks us to consider what can happen to a woman in a realm so powerfully dictated by irons and curtains.

Find additional “Anonymous Women” on Carroll’s Vimeo channel and explore more of her daring photographs on her website.

Via: Huffington Post

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